Best Nightlight Colour To Sleep Better at Night: A Complete Guide

Night Lamp Guide

If you are looking for a guide to select the best nightlight colour, you have landed in the right place. The colour of the night light makes a huge difference in the quality of our sleep. There are some specific light colours that disturb sleep, while some others help us get sound sleep. So if you think you have trouble sleeping, try changing the colour of the night light in your bedroom. But how to know which night light colour would be the best for your sleep? Worry not, Lyter has got your back. We are the leading electrical accessories manufacturers in India, delivering multiple types of electrical fancy appliances for household and office needs. So here in this blog, we have shared a detailed guideline to choose the best lighting for your bedroom at night.

What is the perfect colour of night lamps?

It’s true that different wavelengths of light have different impacts on our brains. Some research shows that the colour yellow helps our brain relax by producing the sleep hormone melatonin. So a soft yellow light will help you sleep better.

It’s definitely better to avoid harsh lights while going to sleep. So doctors suggest not to use mobile phones or any digital devices before bedtime. The blue light emitting from the digital screens affects your sleep to a great extent. So in that case, besides not using a digital device while sleeping, use some soft shade of light.

However, the choice of night lamps entirely depends on individual needs when it’s about the sleep environment. Some people don’t even want any night light directly in the bedroom as well. But if you want one, always go for a milder shade.

Online or offline - how should you buy a night lamp?

Buying a night lamp online and offline both has different advantages. If you go for an in-shop purchase, you can see the product before buying. You can test the intensity of the light to know if it works for you. Again, you’ll probably make a more cost-effective purchase if you buy it online. Also, in an online shop, there are multiple options of the best nightlight colour with various features available at your fingertips, unlike a physical store where you need to visit shop-to-shop for more and more options. You’ll get fancy features in night lamps like USB charging points in an online shop as well.

What features should you look for while buying night lamps?

Before you make a purchase you should ensure that the lamp you are buying serves your purpose of sleeping better. Some quality features of a good night lamp include:

  • Emits soft light
  • Device looks slim
  • Energy saving
  • Lights without electricity
  • LED is durable
  • Light is sleep-friendly
  • Runs on battery when power cuts
  • Have auto sensors to save power
  • Child and pet friendly

To choose the best nightlight colour for your bedroom, browse our night lamps collection at Lyter.

How efficient is a ceiling light for sleep?

You can always use ceiling lights during bedtime, but it is not a better choice than the bedside night light. Many people have found that they experience poor sleep with a ceiling night light. The main reason is that the ceiling light emits too much light that causes shadow and affects your rest while you try to sleep at night. Although a ceiling night light of purple shade is comparatively soothing, it will also fail to ensure the best environment for sleeping or staying asleep. However, you can try this purple colour if your night light is placed somewhere else than the ceiling.

Looking to buy the best nightlight colour lamp for your bedroom?

Creating a suitable environment for good nighttime sleep is essential if you have trouble sleeping or simply want sound sleep. And for that, Lyter is here with a wealth of night light options. Being the top electrical accessories manufacturers in India, we build and distribute premium quality power appliances to meet the requirements of every individual. So if you want to buy a night light that will add a zing to the darkness for your late-night movies or let you have a deep sleep, get in touch with us.