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Looking for "Night Lamps" ?

A night lamp is a small piece of electrical equipment that is installed for convenience or comfort in the dark areas or the areas that can become dark at a particular time as in an emergency or at night. Night lamps come in different shapes, sizes, and colours so people can pick according to their choice and requirements.


It is a low-power and small electric lamp that people keep on at night for safety and comfort. These lamps provide enough light to perceive the outlines of the objects in a living space but are shadowy enough to not bother your sleep.



Night lights are generally used in rooms to comfort people or children who don’t like to stay in the dark. Also, you can use these dim lights in the bathrooms or hallways to easily navigate the house at night.


There can be various types of fancy night lamps that use different bulb variations like incandescent halogen, LED, CFL, etc. Although LED lights are the go-to pick for night lights since they remain cool to the touch and are power efficient, these are generally more costly than other bulbs.

But they barely consume energy and last 40 times more than ordinary incandescent lights. However, depending on your requirements and choice you can pick from the modern, traditional, contemporary, artistic, and whimsical lights like plug-in fixtures, tabletops, projectors, etc. to use in your house at night.

Before you buy your night lamps, you must look for a few qualities to ensure the device works the best and serves your purpose. Check the design and appearance of the night lights, see whether it is child and pet-friendly, or has smart features for easy usage. However, the features of a quality night light are as follows:

  • The lights are slim, don’t block other outlets
  • There’s an auto sensor that saves energy
  • Stays cool to touch during any emergency
  • Can be used without electricity
  • Runs on batteries that last longer than usual
  • LED won’t burn easily
  • Light is conducive to sleep
  • Have motion sensors and saves energy

A night light is an electrical source of light that is very small in shape and low in power. It is used at night or in any dark indoor area for comfort and safety. But in ancient times, when there was no electricity, usually long-burning candles were placed in anti-fire metal cups and were used as night lights.

In the USA, more than 90 million night lights are purchased every year. In 2021 only, the manufacturers retrieved over 6,00,000 of them for safety purposes (source: Nachi). Faulty night lights can cause burns, short circuits, fire, and electrocutions.

Lyter is the leading brand that manufactures and distributes premium quality night lamps in India. We work with expert professionals that are efficient in manufacturing products that help in running a system of electrical energy.


All our night lamps ensure optimum safety, comfort, and durability irrespective of the places you use them. So if you are looking to buy quality night lights, get in touch with us and add beauty with light to your living space.