Lyter’s premium ceiling cover plates for aesthetic finishing of any space

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space with Lyter's premium ceiling cover plates. Crafted with precision and designed for elegance, our cover plates are the perfect finishing touch to your ceilings. 


With Lyter, you can elevate the look of your interior while ensuring a seamless and polished finish. Our cover plates add visual appeal and provide functionality, concealing unsightly fixtures and wiring with ease.


Available in a range of styles and finishes to suit any decor scheme, Lyter's ceiling cover plates offer versatility and flexibility in design. Whether renovating a residential space or completing a commercial project, our premium cover plates are ideal for achieving a sophisticated look.


Lyter’s premium ceiling cover plates

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FAQ's about Ceiling cover plates

A ceiling cover plate is a component used in construction and interior design to conceal or cover certain elements of a ceiling. It is typically a flat, circular, or square-shaped plate made of metal or plastic that is designed to be mounted or attached to the ceiling, providing a clean and finished look. &


The cover plate is placed over the electrical box, providing a clean and finished look to the ceiling installation. It helps to hide any wiring or electrical connections, preventing them from being exposed and creating a seamless appearance. Ceiling cover plates are available in various sizes and designs to accommodate different types of fixtures and ceiling configurations.

  • Designed to fit standard ceiling openings and can be easily attached or secured in place.
  • Comes in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of openings or fixtures. They can be round, square, rectangular, or custom-shaped to match specific requirements.
  • Cover plates are made from durable materials such as metal, plastic, or composite materials. The choice of material depends on factors like aesthetics, functionality, and the environment in which they will be installed.
  • Available in a range of finishes and colors to blend with the ceiling or complement the decor.
  • Depending on the application and local building codes, certain ceiling round plates may have fire-resistant or safety ratings.
  • Designed to be compatible with various ceiling types, including suspended ceilings, drywall ceilings, or drop ceilings. They can be adapted to different ceiling thicknesses and installation methods.

A ceiling cover plate provides a finished and professional look to the ceiling. It acts as a barrier against dust, debris, and pests, maintaining cleanliness. It enhances fire safety by restricting the spread of fire through the ceiling void. The ceiling box cover plate allows for easy access to the ceiling for maintenance and repairs. It contributes to sound insulation, reducing noise transmission between rooms or floors.

  • Turn off the power to the light fixture at the circuit breaker and remove the existing fixture or plate. Ensure the electrical box is securely attached to the ceiling.
  • Most ceiling round cover plates come with a mounting bracket. Align the bracket with the screw holes on the electrical box and secure it using screws or the provided hardware.
  • Connect the wires from the electrical box to the corresponding wires on the cover plate. Usually, this involves connecting the black (hot) wires together, the white (neutral) wires together, and the green or bare copper (ground) wires together. Use wire nuts to secure the connections.
  • Place the cover plate over the mounting bracket and align the screw holes. Insert screws through the holes and tighten them to secure the cover plate in place.
  • Restore the power at the circuit breaker and test the light fixture. Ensure it functions properly. Finally, use a screwdriver to tighten any loose screws on the cover plate, if necessary.

Yes, removing a ceiling round plate can typically be done easily. Start by turning off the power to the light fixture or ceiling fan connected to the cover plate. Next, remove any screws or fasteners securing the cover plate to the ceiling. If the cover plate is held in place by clips, gently pry them open using a flathead screwdriver. Once the cover plate is loose, carefully lower it down, ensuring not to damage any wiring.

You can buy a ceiling cover plate at various places. One of the most convenient options is to check Lyter, a one-stop shop for all your electrical needs. Lyter’s website offers a wide selection of affordable and different types of ceiling cover plates that fits right for your ceiling.