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Looking for "Door Bells & More" ?

A doorbell is a utility device that is placed near a door to the entrance of a house. When a visitor comes and presses the button, the bell rings inside the house. This way the ding dong bell alerts the people staying in the house of the visitor. It is a kind of signaling device that protects your home from any prohibited trespassers.

There are multiple types of doorbells like wired, wireless, and smart. But we, at Lyter, specialize in the most demanding kind of bells, and it is the wired ones.

These doorbells are linked to the electrical system of your home. Mostly, the bells ring when you press the switch located inside the doorbell button mechanism beside the door.

The mechanism of the switch and the entire bell saves energy and minimizes the risk of an electrical fire. And the best thing is that this type of electric doorbell lasts 10 years or longer with zero or very low maintenance.

There is a button on the outside just adjacent to the door. This button is placed around the height of the doorknob and activates an indicating device that is placed inside the building.

So when the doorbell button is pressed, an SPST or single-pole, single-throw push-button switch instantly shuts the circuit of the doorbell. A terminal of this button is linked to a terminal on a transformer with a wire.

The other terminals of the transformer link to one among the three terminals on the button. A few signaling devices have a third terminal that emits a different sound. If there is one more doorbell button, then it is linked between the third terminal and the transformer.

However, a common indicating device is a chime unit that has two flat metal bar resonators that are connected by plungers operated by a couple of solenoids. Two pleasing melodies are tuned with the flat bars.

So when you press the button of the doorbell, the plunger of the primary solenoid strikes one bar and when you release the button, a spring on the plunger bumps the plunger up. This lets the plunger strike the other bar and create a ding-dong sound. So it is called a ding dong bell as well.

And if there is a second button to the doorbell, and it is connected to the other solenoid with a wire, and strikes only one of the bars, and creates a ding sound.

General features:

  • Used as one of the most common types of housing doorbells.
  • No batteries are needed
  • Zero or very low maintenance
  • Installation is a very easy and quick procedure.
  • Very durable. Lasts 10 years or more
  • Might include a backlit button for superior visibility at night
  • Plenty of decorative options are available
  • Includes traditional chime sounds
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple and very sturdy
  • Shock resistant
  • Very melodious tone
  • State-of-the-art design and looks
  • Best quality in the market

The best electric doorbell is a device that is easy to install, looks great, and gets your attention instantly. Lyter is a renowned brand that makes and supplies top-quality doorbells for household needs in India.

With us, you’ll get fancy, durable, traditional, smart, and contemporary bells as per your choice and requirements. So if you want to buy the best doorbell for your house, get in touch with us today to make your place better.