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Looking for "Extension Cords" ?

An extension cord helps to outstretch the reach of an electrical device. It is a long flexible electrical cable that has a plug on one end and a few sockets on the other end. Also known as drop cords, power extenders, extension leads, etc, these extension power cords come in different lengths, colours, thicknesses, and service duties.


Generally, the extension cord online is made up to 300 feet in length, most of the cords can range from around 2 to 30 feet in length. And the more power the appliance needs, the thicker the cord has to be. So if your extension electric cords are exposed outdoors, around oils, in sunlight, or in wet areas for a longer period of time, you need to select cords that are specifically made for such conditions.

The best extension cord in India can have some special features that let them work safer and better. There can be safety features like a power-on indicator, polarized plug, a fusible link, receptacle, and ground terminals. There can also be a residual-current device or a ground-fault circuit interrupter or GFCI in the extension power cords.

Apart from that, there can be multiple female connectors adjacent to the other, or spaced along the length of the cord. Generally, there are grounded or ungrounded connectors. But it’s absolutely unsafe to force a grounded male connector into an ungrounded female socket.

Also, an extension reel is an extension lead that folds up, generally into the end of the socket, in some cases where there can be more than one socket on it. A different type of extension reel hangs close to the end of the plug and lets the user pull the cord out by gripping the end of the socket.

With so many options to buy the extension cord online, it’s really hard to pick the right one for your requirements. But Lyter has got your back. We come up with an extensive range of electrical solutions to streamline any challenges anyone might encounter in their day-to-day activities.


All our extension power cords are made of premium quality materials to ensure optimum efficiency and safety. The outer layer of our cord is the best in safeguarding the wires from direct sunlight, moisture, and cold. Our extension electrical cords include a maximum amperage rating, water-resistant parts, and sunlight, moisture, and damage-resistant exterior. Hence, all these are perfectly suitable for outdoor use, even in adverse weather conditions.


The flexibility, durability, and potential of the extension power cord at Lyter lets you use it inside, underneath furniture, or run along with a wide length coiled out of the way. The PVC jacket it has is non-marking, so it will not cause scuffs on the floor, walls, or furniture.


Lyter is one of the most recognized brands for the best extension cord in India. Our mission is to provide the best electrical solutions and make lives more comfortable. So for any of your relevant requirements, reach out to us and buy the quality electrical solutions you deserve.