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Looking for "Lamp Batten Holders" ?

Batten holders are generally easy to install. They are designed to be a DIY installation, which means that you can easily fit them onto walls or ceilings without the need for an electrician. Batten holders have a flat fit, making them easy to set with the surface you want to install them onto.

Batten lamp holders are a great option for arranging lights in your home as they are flexible, easy to install, and use. They can be fixed onto walls or ceilings without the need for an electrician to change the lighting design. Batten lamp holders are perfect for DIY lighting and for hanging pendant lights in spaces with constraints.

They have a flat fit and can be set well with the surface they are installed onto, and shades can be directly attached to them, making it easy to clean and update light shades. Batten light holders come with multiple types of fittings, like Edison screws and bayonets, so it's essential to check the type of bulb before buying one.

At Lyter, we take pride in crafting and delivering top-of-the-line batten lamp holders. Our holders stand out for several reasons:


  • We use polycarbonate, a high-quality material, as the core component in crafting our batten light holders.
  • Each holder is manufactured with covered terminals, ensuring maximum safety for users.
  • Our batten lamp holders have an elegant glossy finish.
  • Our products are designed and manufactured with great care and consideration for safety parameters, so you can trust that you're getting a quality product that meets safety standards.

Batten holders, also referred to as ceiling fixings, DIY batten fixes, or ceiling lamp holders, are electrical fixtures designed for holding lights securely on walls or ceilings. They serve as hard-wired light fittings that can be connected to the building's wiring system. These holders are commonly used in various settings such as homes, offices, cafes, and other spaces where lights need to be attached to the wall.

Unlike traditional methods that involve using fabric cables to connect a lamp holder to the ceiling, batten holders eliminate the need for an electrical cord. Instead, they allow lamps to be directly connected to the ceiling or wall, providing a more streamlined and efficient lighting solution.

The batten holder price in India can vary depending on various factors, such as the brand, type, and features. If you are interested in purchasing a batten holder, you can check our website for options and prices, and our team will contact you in no time.

Lyter is a well-known batten holder manufacturer, providing a range of options, including Delux, Ruby batten light holder, and Eco with grill-type skirts. Additional features like cable extenders and shades are available to enhance versatility.

Lyter is committed to quality work with a team of skilled designers, engineers, technicians, and quality control managers. They provide security and elegance beyond expectations, making them the ideal choice for modern electrical solutions. Choose from their wide range of electrical parts to bring light to your home.