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Looking for "Multi Plugs & Travel Sockets" ?

A multi-plug is an electrical appliance that provides multiple electrical sources from a single source. You can use these tools when you need multiple devices to connect to a single source of power.


It allows more than one plug to link to a single socket by containing various similar sockets, specifically for mains electricity. With this socket, you can easily share and charge multiple devices at the same time as per your convenience.



Some multi-power plugs can also be named conversion plugs because they have the capability to convert 2 pins to 3 pins, International sockets, Indian sockets, etc. At Lyter, you will get multi-power plugs with both Indian and International sockets.


The usefulness and efficiency of the multiple power plug have made them an essential unit in homes and offices. There are different types of multi-plugs available based on the number of devices you want to connect. Usually, you get the options of 2 pins, 3 pins, USB multiple plugs, and without or with indication.

So before you make a purchase, keep in mind that the plug you pick should be relevant to the voltage capacity. Also, you must double-check the plugs while you buy so that it does not damage the devices you connect.

A multi-power plug is the best pick if you want to connect different applications and devices due to the high power output and efficiency. There are one or more sockets in the device that lets you connect different appliances at the same time. You just need to plug in the devices and work without any worries.

These multi-power plugs at Lyter are lightweight and small. Hence, they are portable as per your needs. There is no additional installation process since it is plugged and switched on kind of device. You don’t need to worry about using any kit or tool to assemble and get it to work before you use it. Hence, it is economical and very user-friendly.

Moreover, there is a USB multi-plug available at Lyter that helps in enhancing the compatibility of the device with the plugs. This is a requisite instrument in the homes as well as in offices. You can leverage it to connect a mouse, speaker, keyboard, webcam, printer, etc onto a single device, thereby making your workplace neat and without clutter and increasing productivity.

The multiple plugs at Lyter are aesthetically attractive. You can also integrate these plugs seamlessly with the modern interiors of your home or office or any space. You also get a wide range of options in terms of colours, designs, combinations, and textures.

We at Lyter, offer an extensive range of multiple plugs, plug tops, adaptors, connectors, etc. that adhere to the premium quality standards. All these products are designed to ensure optimum reliability and durability.

Apart from these two, all our products are easy to install and use, affordable for people of all walks of life, shock resistant, have a sturdy design yet fancy looks, and ensure minimum safety and convenience.

So if you wish to purchase a good quality multiple power plug to improve your convenience and productivity, get in touch with us.