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Looking for "Lamp Angle Holders" ?

Light angle holders are electrical parts that hold lamps or lights directly onto the ceiling or wall. These are built-in light fittings that are connected to the building’s wiring. People generally use these kinds of lamp holders in offices, houses, cafes, restaurants, or any other place where you need to screw the lamp into. The angle light holders help to hold lights instead of using fabric cable connecting a light source to the wall or ceiling. These goods reduce your need to use an electrical cord to hold the lamp. With this angle lamp holder, you can connect a light right to the wall or ceiling.

Angle light holders are flexible, simple, easy to install and use. Therefore it is a good idea to use this hardware for light arrangements in your home. Once you secure it onto the ceiling or wall, there’s no need for an electrician to alter the light design. You can use the angle holders for DIY lighting. Also, if you have a shortage of space, these light holders can be the best pick for hanging fancy lights. There’s a flat fit on it, so you can set the holder well with any surface you wish to install it onto. There can be different shades attached to the angle lamp holders. This is specifically helpful in cleaning and updating the light shades easily. Apart from that, there are different types of fittings in the angle light holders as well to fit your purpose. These can accommodate different fittings and client requirements as per the recent market standards.

Lyter is a renowned name in the field of electrical parts manufacturing. We produce and distribute standard quality angle holders for lights. Some of the exclusive features of our angle lamp holders are as follows:

  • Polycarbonate is used as the primary material for angle lamp holders.
  • The angle lamp holders we produce have an elegant glossy finish.
  • All the products are built with superior concern over safety matters.
  • Each of the pieces can be accommodated to various angles and surface requirements of any house, office, or industrial workshop.
  • All these holders are simple, durable.
  • You’ll find state-of-the-art design and a sturdy look with all the holders.
  • Shock resistance is another great quality of our angle light holders.
  • All our products are of the best quality that comes with a very competitive price in the market.

Lyter is one of the most eminent electrical goods manufacturing companies in India. We are your one-stop solution to all the modern power needs. We also produce and deliver customized electrical goods depending on the requirements of our clients. You will also get additional features like shades, cable extenders, etc, to boost the usefulness of your angle lamp holder.


At Lyter, we believe in quality work. Hence, our team of engineers, designers, technicians most efficiently works hard and comes up with the best possible solution to all your electrical requirements. We are committed to ensuring you with the safety and grace that exceed your expectations, every time you welcome a product from Lyter.