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Looking for "Power strips" ?

Power strips are the block of power sockets with an additional cord length that lets you distribute electricity as per your requirements. It is associated with the family of products such as multi-sockets, power boards, extension blocks, multi-plugs, etc. These devices provide mobility to the immovable wall sockets that are generally placed in hard-to-reach places. So with this, you can multiply the number of power outlets from a single source.

The universal power strip can be used in the living spaces where you use a large concentration of appliances but there are a few wall sockets to plug those devices into. The extension cord attached to the strip can range from one foot to more than thirty feet. Also, the number of sockets can range from two to a dozen or more.

So you can easily use it in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even outdoors, offices, physical shops, restaurants, etc. depending on your need and convenience. For example, these strips can be best used for setting up computer devices with a router and printer, audio and video appliances, and many more.

Often the power strip extension cord includes a master switch that isolates power to the entire strip, thereby allowing you to conveniently use the power to all the attached devices at the same time. There can also be individual switches for each socket, making it more convenient to cut off the power supply for the devices that can not be unplugged suddenly.


An indicator light is placed on the switches that easily indicates whether a switch is on or off. Some more advanced models can have one or more fuses to stop power surges from impacting devices that are attached to the electrical strip.


Apart from these, there can be advanced power boards with electronic parts to control individual outlets smartly. For example, a few models have a master outlet to regulate other outlets around them. So when the master outlet identifies that the device connected to it has been switched on by way of identifying power draw, it also switches on the slave sockets. This is specifically helpful for controlling the electricity for multiple devices at the same time.

Lyter is one of the biggest brands that manufacture and supply the best power strips in India. With us, you will get an extensive range of utility power boards based on your requirements. Our multi-plugs range in appearance from plastic-layered heads to banks of plug-in outlets wrapped in large metal boxes. Also, there are LED switches that indicate whether the units are turned on or off. Some of our models also come with a push button that spontaneously trips if the strip becomes too heated for secured operations. All our devices ensure your optimum safety and comfort.

So if you are looking to streamline your day-to-day electrical installations with a convenient and safe power device, get in touch with us.