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Looking for "Power strips" ?

A power strip, known as a multi-socket, power board, or extension block, is a convenient device that allows you to expand the number of available power outlets from a single source. It consists of a block of power sockets and an attached cord, providing additional length for flexibility in distributing electricity according to your specific requirements.

Power strips offer mobility and accessibility by extending the reach of immovable wall sockets, especially those typically located in hard-to-reach areas. By using a power strip, you can effectively multiply the number of power outlets available, enabling you to connect multiple devices and appliances to a single power source.

A universal power strip is a versatile tool used in various living and working spaces. It is particularly useful when there are limited wall sockets available to plug in multiple devices. The extension cord attached to the power strip can range in length from one foot to over thirty feet, providing flexibility in positioning the devices.

A power strip extension cord can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, outdoor areas, offices, physical shops, restaurants, and more, depending on individual needs and convenience. They are ideal for setting up computer systems with routers and printers, connecting audio and video appliances, and accommodating multiple devices simultaneously.

A power strip extension typically includes the following features:

  • A master switch that can isolate power to the entire strip
  • Individual switches for each socket to cut off the power supply to specific devices
  • Indicator lights on the switches to indicate whether they are on or off
  • One or more fuses to protect devices from power surges
  • Advanced models may have electronic parts to control individual outlets
  • Some models may have a master outlet to regulate other outlets around them
  • Master outlets can detect power draw and switch on slave sockets, making it easier to control electricity for multiple devices simultaneously.


A power strip offers numerous benefits, with the primary advantage of having the ability to provide multiple outlets for powering several devices at once. This feature is especially useful for individuals with limited electrical outlets or those who need to connect various electronics simultaneously.

Many power strips come equipped with an on/off switch, allowing users to easily turn off power to all connected devices when not in use, leading to energy conservation and cost savings. Lastly, power strips are a convenient and efficient solution for managing multiple devices in a single location.

A surge protector is designed to protect electrical devices from power surges caused by lightning, tripped breakers, or other electrical issues. Power strips, on the other hand, do not offer this level of protection and simply provide additional outlets for plugging in devices.

Surge protectors often include additional safety features such as circuit breakers or overload protection to prevent electrical fires or damage to connected devices. Power strips typically lack these safety features.

Due to the additional protection and safety features, surge protectors are generally more expensive than power strips. However, the added cost can be worth it for the peace of mind and protection they provide. Read our blog to know more. Click Here.

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