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Looking for "Ceiling Rose" ?

A ceiling rose is an electrical component that enables wires to branch out in different directions within a circuit. It facilitates the extension of the live wire to connect multiple electrical accessories. By using a single wire throughout the house, the number of wire joints, associated costs, and risks of accidents are minimized.

A ceiling rose serves multiple purposes, primarily facilitating the connection between tube lights, ceiling fans, and the electrical source in a room. When installing tube lights, a reliable power outlet is necessary for connection.


Power ceiling roses are utilized for this purpose, ensuring a safe and efficient link between the tube light and the electrical circuit. Additionally, these fixtures are commonly employed in conjunction with decorative pendant holders to suspend light fixtures.


Moreover, ceiling roses are extensively employed to securely connect ceiling fans for mounting purposes. They enable the necessary connections from power outlets, ensuring a stable attachment to the ceiling. Functioning as decorative elements, ceiling roses are installed in the ceiling, providing a means to hang light fittings, chandeliers, fans, and similar items.

  • Begin by opening the ceiling rose. Rotate it along the periphery until it separates into two parts: the base and the cap. The cap will have a hole in the middle to accommodate the output wires.
  • Locate the terminals on the base. There will be two terminals: one for the phase wire and the other for the neutral wire. Each terminal will have screws on both sides, creating four connection points.
  • The horizontal plane of the terminals contains two distant connection points, while the remaining two are on the vertical plane. The horizontal connection points are intended for the output wires, while the vertical connection points are used for the input wires.
  • Connect the input wires by attaching them across each vertical connection point on both terminals.
  • Similarly, connect the output wires by joining them across each horizontal connection point on both terminals.
  • Once all the connections are securely made, proceed to fix both components in place to complete the installation process.

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  • Installation is super easy, and it requires zero to very minimum maintenance.

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An electrical ceiling rose serves as a functional and aesthetic component in electrical installations. It provides a secure mounting point for light fixtures or other electrical devices, ensuring proper wiring connections and enhancing the overall appearance of the room. With its circular design, the ceiling rose seamlessly blends into the ceiling, creating a visually pleasing and organized space.

To know the ceiling rose electrical price, you can visit our website. As the leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical parts, including ceiling roses, we offer a wide range of options to suit various budgets and requirements. Our brand, Lyter, is known for its premium quality and competitive pricing, ensuring that you receive reliable and cost-effective solutions for your electrical needs.