What electrical devices are the best to avoid an electrical fire?

Electrical Devices

Electricity is a boon to our daily life. It makes our lives comfortable, easy, and enjoyable. But it also comes with a risk of electrical fire as well. Electrical fires are a real threat to the safety of your family that causes severe damage to the entire property. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, every year electrical mishaps cause 1.4 million property damage. So you can get an idea of how risky electrical mishaps can be to lives. However, with the leading electrical accessories manufacturers in India, now you can get premium power devices to level up your home and workspace.

What are the common triggers of an electrical fire?

You should know the common triggers and causes of electrical issues so you can be cautious and avoid any mishap. Here are such common causes that you should be aware of:

  • Outdated electrical wiring
  • Lack of care
  • Faulty power outlets and devices
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Ignoring safety protocols
  • Arc faults
  • Incorrect use of power strip extension cord
  • Installing appliances in a holder that exceeds the recommended wattage
  • Space heaters that are closely placed to explosive objects etc.

What are some signs of a forthcoming electrical fire?

An electrical fire can occur at any point and cause severe damage. However, you can avoid it or take precautions only if you know the warning signs. Here are some signs:

  • There can be frequent tripping of the circuit breaker
  • Also, you can sense a continuous burning smell
  • There can also be dimming of the lights or random flickering
  • Moreover, sparking while plugging in the outlets
  • Also, the faded color of the switches and outlets, etc.

Tips to avoid an electrical fire and related damage

Electrical fires come with several warning signs, as we have already discussed. However, you can prevent the damage if you are smart enough to take proper safety measures. By using quality power products like multi-plugs, etc. you can ensure your safety. Meanwhile, here we’ve shared some tips for you. Apply these to take full advantage of your electrical device without risking safety:

  • Firstly, get your old wiring replaced
  • Then, level up your power system
  • Further, ask a qualified electrician to perform an electrical audit
  • Also, identify if there’s any loose outlet and repair or replace them
  • Moreover, install smoke detectors
  • Then, replace damaged or outdated power devices
  • Also, don’t overload any outlet
  • Further, reduce the use of extension cords
  • Then, go through the user manual before using any power device and use them properly
  • Furthermore, remember not to keep any explosive material besides the power device.

What are some electrical tools to use to avoid an electrical fire?

Avoiding an electrical fire can be possible only with the careful use of electrical devices. Some devices are good for your convenient life. However, proper use of the following devices can help you avoid power hazards.

1. Power strips:

These are the block of power sockets that have an extra cord length to let you distribute power as per your needs. To clarify, power strips ensure mobility to the wall sockets that are immovable and are placed in places that are generally hard to reach. However, with a power strip, you can use a multiplied number of power outlets from one source.

Why use power strips?

That is to say, a power strip lets you do the following:

  • You can power up a number of devices.
  • Get access to power even at places hard to reach.
  • Furthermore, these are super easy to use and safe for all.

2. Extension cord:

A power strip extension cord is a long flexible power cable with a plug on one end and some sockets on the other. Therefore, it helps you outstretch the reach of a power device. Available in different colors, lengths, and thicknesses, these devices are the perfect fit for use in the exposed outdoors, in sunlight, around oily places, in wet places, etc. all for an extended period of time.

Why use power strip extension cords?

Certainly, extension power cords help you do the following:

  • Let you reach the power outlet in places that are usually hard to reach.
  • You can use this cord in almost all weather conditions.
  • Let you use multiple appliances at a time.
  • Also, they ensure your safety and save your money.

3. Multi-plug:

A multi-plug helps you connect a number of tools to one power source. In other words, you can connect more than one plug and share and charge multiple appliances at a time as per your needs. These plugs can convert 2 pins to 3 pins, Indian sockets, International sockets, etc.

Why use a multi-plug?

Meanwhile, here are the benefits that the multiple plugs can provide you with:

  • You can power up multiple devices in one go.
  • You don’t need to wait to access the power outlet.
  • Moreover, it’s safe and makes your life easier.

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