What Is a Surge Protector and How Does It Help You Prevent Power Surges?

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A surge protector or spike guard is an important device for household or commercial spaces. These days, modern homes are packed with expensive electronic appliances. There are laptops, flat-screen TVs, smart devices, smartphones, and so on. So power surge is something that we wish not to ruin our experiences with such valuable devices. Lyterworld provides high-quality spike guards for household and office needs. Now let’s discuss the common reasons for power surges and how spike guards help prevent that.

What are some common reasons for power surges?

“Power surge” usually brings lightning strikes to our minds. However, lightning strikes are just one of the many reasons for power surges. Other common reasons include the following:

Power restoration after a blackout: Different types of power outages and blackouts involve an electrical grid failure that damages the power supply of a wide area. After a power outage when the power is restored, this sudden restoration can often cause a power surge in your home.

Defective wiring: Often there can be some faulty wiring in your home that can internally cause a power spike. There can be a few signs of faulty wiring in your homes like burn marks or power outlets, circuit breakers tripping more than usual, a buzzing sound or burning smell coming from electrical outlets, and so on. Reach out to the renowned electrical accessories manufacturers in India for the best surge protection for your home.

Lightning: Lightning strikes during storms are not rare. When there is lightning and it strikes power lines near your home, it can result in a voltage surge that can often overwhelm the electrical system of your home. This often leads to a power surge.

Electrical overloads: This problem occurs when there is too much power drawn from a single circuit. Most often we connect too many devices to a single outlet. This usually leads to electrical overloads. When a power outlet is overloaded and it draws more electricity from a single circuit than it can, the circuit can eventually become overwhelmed, leading to a power surge. So you can use the most efficient power strips to prevent electrical overloads.

So does getting a surge protector for your entire house help from power surges?

A whole-house power surge protector can save your entire house from the dangers of power surges in multiple ways. They ensure every electrical device in your home is saved from a power surge whether the item is connected to a power outlet or plug-in spike guard. Apart from providing the electronic appliances in your home with the best protection during a power surge, an entire house spike guard ensures other benefits like the following:

1. Prevention from fire: Frequent power surges can cause the electrical system of your home to overwhelm. It also causes the wiring to overheat and spark, which often can catch fire. So if you get a whole house surge protector, it can keep the electrical system of your home from being overwhelmed, thereby protecting your home from electrical fires. You can get premium-quality power products for your home from Lyterworld.

2. Helps guard against indoor power surges: Bigger power appliances in your home like the HVAC system can generate fewer power surges that are small. Individually, these small power surges don’t cause big damage to your home. However, eventually, these surges pile up and cause equal damage to your home electricity that a major power surge might cause. A whole-house power spike guard safeguards your home from both internal and external power surges. Buy today high-quality power strips for your home or office and use multiple electrical devices at once, anytime, anywhere.

3. Safeguards expensive electronics and large appliances: A lot of large appliances in your home like the HVAC system, refrigerator, stove/oven, dryer, washer, etc. are too heavy for a plug-in spike guard to save from power surges. A whole-house surge protector helps you safeguard the entire electrical system of your home and everything else that is connected to it, from sudden overwhelming power surges.

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