5 Important Benefits of Night Lamps You Must Know

night lamps benefits

There are plenty of benefits of night lamps. From creating an ambient aura to helping you read and sleep, having a bedside night lamp can impact your sleep positively, along with providing enough illumination at night, which can be especially beneficial for children and the elderly. Here’s a comprehensive dive into the many benefits night lamps provide:

5 Benefits of Night Lamps

1. Coping with nightmares If you are prone to night terrors or nightmares, a soft night light in the room ensures your safety. In case you wake up sweating from a bad dream, warm light can soothe your nerves and help you calm down.

2. Create a relaxing and ambient aura One of the main benefits of night lamps is the aura it exudes. Having a soft night light beside your bed helps you create a soothing ambience for yourself and your loved ones. Imagine having a warm and soothing atmosphere ready after you’ve taken a refreshing shower with some soft music playing in the background. Sounds tempting, right? Well, Lyter has got for you the perfect range of night lamps for a soothing ambience. Choose from our wide range of electrical products online at Lyter today.

3. Safety measures for the elderly Elderly people usually have trouble seeing in the dark. And a dark room can be dangerous as it can lead to unfortunate accidents. That’s why it’s important to have night lights in their room, as it reduces the risk of them stumbling in the dark while grabbing a glass of water or going to the loo.

4. Better sleep for babies and children Another one of the major benefits of night lamps is the illumination they provide. Toddlers and children are especially afraid of the dark, making them insecure and frightened to sleep alone. As a result, getting them to sleep can be a challenging task. But with a night light, your child can sleep independently and without any worries, resulting in a calm and interruption-less sleep. If you’re looking for such lamps, Lyterworld has got a nice collection for you! Check out our lights on the website today.

5. Helps reading Reading before a good night’s sleep can be refreshing, and also help you sleep well. However, it’s also important that you have a warm light for reading, as a blaring one can hurt your eyes, and affect your sleep negatively. A night lamp facilitates a soothing reading session and a sound night’s sleep. Alongside these benefits, night lights also influence our body’s production of the sleep-enhancing hormone, melatonin. Blaring lights or no lights stunt the secretion of this hormone, hampering sleep. So, having a warm night light also provides this additional benefit. Another way warm lights positively affect our sleep is due to their color. Essentially, lights with shorter wavelengths, such as blue lights, subdue the formation of melatonin. Whereas, warmer lights such as yellow and red do not hamper the secretion of melatonin, hence enhancing sleep.

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