Why Should You Use Multi Plug Sockets for Your Home and Office?


Multi plug sockets are very useful devices that help you use multiple electronics simultaneously at any point in time. You may need to use a scanner, printer, laptop, mobile phone, LCD projector, etc. at the same time irrespective of the place and time. So if you don’t have adequate power plugs to connect all devices at once, your work is surely going to suffer. But the leading electrical accessories manufacturers in India have got you covered. With our world-class power devices, you can forget all your worries regarding multiple device usage. Let’s see why you should use multi plugs at your home and office?

Why are multi plug sockets useful for home and office usage?

Multi plug sockets are highly useful devices that have found their places in most homes and offices. They provide convenient connectivity to electronic devices as per your need. Apart from that, this device can be useful to your office place in the following ways:

  • A multi plug comes with 2 pins, 3 pins, or USB multiple plugs to choose your tool as per your requirement and convenience.
  • They give you easy accessibility to various power devices at once. They come with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and aluminum housing, hence, they provide excellent durability.
  • These devices can very well handle power and voltage draw, hence, they ensure high performance and productivity.
  • You can use these devices at any place and at any time.
  • For convenient and secured electrical connections, you can get premium-quality multi plug sockets online.

What are some unique features of Lyter multi plug

Lyter is one of the topmost electrical accessories manufacturers in India that delivers world-class power products to make your life at home and office safe and convenient. Here are some unique features of our multi power plug:

1. Body and design: The high-quality multi plug socket you get at Lyter comes with a unique fashion design that ensures more space between each outlet. This space lets you make full use of each port and helps you take up more room than a regular power strip. This lightweight device is very handy to use and can be carried anywhere without any problem.

2. Safety and Convenience: Our multiple plugs are proficient in charging any type of digital device like tablets, mobile phones, MP3, laptops, scanners, printers, desktops, and related devices, and so on. The material we use to manufacture multiple plugs is known for providing optimum safety to the user from any electrical hazards. It is fireproof, so it’s safe to use, too.

3. Other features: Our multi plug can endure long working hours, come with sufficient outlets, and have a unique design. The extension cord that comes with the device is also long enough to provide convenience to the user. The device itself is small in size, easy to carry, lightweight has a power indicator, and so is best for travel. You can use it for most applications like hotels, dorm rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, office spaces, conference rooms, etc where there’s a heavy need for powering up multiple devices simultaneously.

Why should you buy electrical products from Lyter?

Lyter is the epitome of premium quality electrical goods manufacturers and suppliers that have been providing excellent products and services to customers across the country for the past few decades. Our dedicated technicians and quality team ensure that we offer a wide range of branded quality products, quick turnaround time, premium design and development, and direct delivery support to each of our clients. So for any relevant requirements for electrical products like quality multi plug sockets for your home or office, get in touch with us.