Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Power Strips

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Power Strips

If you, like most people, need to power up more than two to three appliances at once, then power strips are the ideal choice for your home and workplace. They are specially designed to power multiple devices like iron, hairdryer, laptops, smartphones, etc., together. However, did you know that they are also one of the most common reasons for the fire? But why? It could be because they're used in many applications and often left on or plugged into the outlet. When too many appliances are connected to a single power strip, it is easy for wires and connections to come loose, resulting in a mishap.

These are usually used in homes, offices, or small businesses. However, unlike most electrical wholesale online India products, a power strip is often overlooked, which makes them a silent but deadly danger that can arise on any premise without anyone knowing. To help you know more about these devices, here are some frequently asked questions regarding a power strip –

1. Are Power Strips Dangerous?

Power strips pose a risk to users' safety only if they are not maintained or used correctly. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, these devices are suspected of causing more than 3,300 home fires yearly. But if you use extension cords with caution, you can ensure that your house isn’t one of them.

2. How do you know your power strip is aging or needs to be replaced?

Most people don't think about electrical strips until they start having problems or stop working altogether. But, yes, these do expire and must be replaced from time to time. The time period will depend on the type of power strip you have and how frequently you use it. If you don't use your power strip frequently, it may last longer than expected. Therefore, it is best to inspect your strips once a year. Signs that your power strip is aging –

  • The socket is overheating
  • The power cord is damaged
  • The socket hole becomes black
  • The outlets are too loose or too tight
  • Poor contact

3. Are power strips safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use power strips, but only if you use a premium UL-approved power strip, use them cautiously, and take all necessary safety precautions. Install a few outlets where they are required rather than taking the chance of a fire! A power strip may not be as safe and environmentally friendly as more outlets.

4. Is there any effect on the voltage to connect a power strip to another?

You must first ensure that the voltage requirements are met when dealing with electrical strips. This is because most electrical strips are equipped with 110 volts, and some are even 110-240 volts, which is a big deal. So, if you're unsure about the voltage in your home, always check it out before using a power strip to avoid any problems in the future. With Lyter, one of the leading electrical wholesale online India providers, you can choose the exact voltage that corresponds to your home and workplace needs.

5. How to choose power strips?

Choosing the right power strip is the first step to safety.

  • Select a power strip with an appropriate power rating and plug type based on the power of your electrical appliances. The power shouldn't be set at a sufficient level to prevent overloading.
  • Choose a power strip with a grounded plug and socket that is national but universal.
  • Pay attention to the area of power supply. The best is to avoid using a heated power cord.
  • Take note of the clamping of the inserted copper sheets. Suitable strips guarantee clamping up to 5000 times. Ensure that you plug it in and out a few times; if it is loose, avoid buying it, as it generally doesn't last long.
  • Take note if the switch is a silver contact. It reduces arc generation.
  • Check if the material is fire-resistant.
  • Always choose the best electrical wholesale online India manufacturer, one of them is Lyter.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know everything regarding power strips, you can select a suitable one for your business and home requirements. What's better than a power strip with remarkable durability, premium quality, and shock resistance? All this is available at Lyter – one of the leading electrical wholesale online India manufacturers. Connect with us to get the best offers.