Safety Checklist While Handling Electrical Appliance at Home

Safety Checklist While Handling Electrical Appliance

How often do you check the safety of your electrical appliances at home? It goes without saying that the majority of modern homes have various assortment of electrical appliances and devices, but they still require periodic maintenance. From Hair dryers, stoves, and heaters to night lamps, multi-plug, and extension cords all of them require regular maintenance to ensure end-to-end safety.

Otherwise, they can pose a risk of hazard, which includes worst-case scenarios like fire due to overheating or electrical shock. Majority of the power-related mishaps in homes are caused due to lack of knowledge about electrical safety. Don’t worry Lyter has got you covered! In this blog you will come across a plethora of safety measures to keep your home safe and secured:

1. Replace and Discard Old Home Appliances

Due to normal wear and tear old electrical appliances at home might develop earthing issues. And if your appliances aren’t connected properly to the ground, it can cause issues in case of a power surge. So, if your appliance has gotten a bit old and dusty, ensure that the earthing wire is intact. If it doesn’t have an earthing pin, it’s best to replace it with a new one.

2. Expert Intervention

When in doubt, one should think about getting professional assistance. If a problem seems to have gotten out of hand and requires the intervention of professionals, don’t hesitate to call a qualified electrician. With safety, it is also important to choose reliable and durable home appliances. You can find numerous electrical products online at Lyter that give you a wide option to select the best for your home.

3. Avoid Overloading Outlets

Plugging more than three to four home appliances into a single outlet can lead to overloading. This course of action can be extremely unsafe and cause wires to burn. Advisable action is to install new outlets for your appliances to avoid the risk of overloading. However, doing this yourself can be quite hazardous. So, hire a trusted electrician for your electrical problems.

4. Let Your Electrical Appliance Breathe

To work smoothly you need sufficient space, and so do your electrical appliances at home. Lack of air circulation can lead to overheating and cause the fuse to break, which can sometimes be the cause of electrical fire hazards. So, it is advisable to store flammable objects away from electronics. Keep close tabs on your gas or electric dryer, as they need to be plugged at a distance of one foot from the wall to function reliably and safely.

5. Unplug Appliances When Not in Use

Due to carelessness or in a rush, we often leave our home appliances plugged in or forget to switch off the power button. This can lead to overheating and overloading of outlets. Plus, it can also cause damage to your entire home electrical system. So, it's best to unplug your home appliance after use to prevent any problems.

6. Use More Outlets

How frequently do you use a single outlet to plug in multiple appliances? It is a common act that almost everyone does, but this setup can be quite risky. It could lead to overloading, which can cause the circuit's wires to burn. You can buy high-quality extension cord online and use them to power up your laptops, mobile phones, music systems, etc. Consider dividing up electrical appliances and small appliances among different outlets to keep overloading-related problems at bay.

End Note

When it comes to electronics products, don’t put your family and property in danger. Choose only the safest devices on the market. If you need premium and fault-proof electrical accessories, turn to Lyter. We feature a large range of high-quality power products that are long-lasting and have strong shock resistance capacities. Contact us right away to have your homes made safe and shockproof.