Tips To Ensure Extension Cord Safety

extension cord safety

Have you ever noticed how many wires are connected to a single outlet at your house or even at your workplace? This clustering of wires plugging into a lone socket can be highly dangerous and could possibly be the cause of a fire. Fortunately, with extension cords, one can power all their devices without overloading the outlets.

They are very handy for powering small appliances like laptops, smartphones, iron, etc., and can also be used to power electronics that are located at a distance from the power outlet. We all are aware of how to use extension cords, what we aren’t aware of is, extension cord safety.

To prevent any accidents, knowing about cord safety is essential. Most of us just plug the extension cord and leave it unattended. But it’s important to make a note that it is not a plug-and-go tool. Over time, overuse of extension cords can lead to deterioration which can create electrical shock or fire hazards. Contact Lyter, to get the best extension cord in India.

Extension Cord Safety Tips

Here is a curated list of extension cord safety tips by Lyter to keep your house safe and secure –

  • Avoid plugging multiple appliances into a single extension cord.
  • Never use an extension cord that feels warm or has any other kind of damage. Touching even a single exposed strand can result in an electric shock or burn.
  • Extension cords should not be used in place of permanent wiring.
  • If you frequently use extension cords, you are most likely to have insufficient outlets to meet your demands. Install more outlets wherever you need them.
  • Never connect a three-prong plug to a two-slot outlet. Avoid forcing a fit because doing so could result in an electric shock.
  • Extension cords should be suitably rated, whether they are intended for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Extension cords for outdoor use feature durable coverings composed of rubber, plastic, or vinyl. When used outside, indoor extension cords used outside can overheat, ultimately damaging the appliance.

When it comes to safety concerns, an extension cord is an ideal option for your home and it will suit you well. You can always get in touch with Lyter – an electrical wholesale online India supplier that provides high-quality power supplies at reasonable costs.

Things To Consider While Buying An Extension Cord

It is crucial to buy cords that have been certified by an independent testing laboratory. Ensure that the cords you choose can support the wattage of the appliance you'll be using them with. The cord’s gauge indicates its size; the smaller the number, the larger the wire and the greater the free flow of electrical current that the cord can safely handle.

Take necessary measures and accordingly decide the length you'll require to set up because the current carrying capacity of longer cables is lower than that of shorter cords of the same gauge.

For big appliances, use thick, rounded, low-gauge extension cords and you can use thin or flat cords for smaller appliances. Last but not the least, consider using cords with polarised or three-prong plugs for maximum extension cord safety.

Over to You

Above all, using the right electrical appliances can drastically improve the safety coefficient of your home and workplace. Make sure you select the right electronic partner for your home appliances.

Or, you can just connect with Lyter – your one-stop electronic solution. Get in Touch right away to know more about our impressive collections of electronic goods and our excellent customer service.