Various Types of Ceiling Rose for Lights, Fans, and Their Purposes

Types of Ceiling Rose

Light fittings are an important part of getting the home decor right. And various types of ceiling rose is one among them. There are plenty of options for ceiling lights available in the market. You can pick any of them to decorate your home. Decorative ceiling lights brighten the beauty of the space giving it an aesthetic touch, thereby making your guests spellbound.

Let’s discuss what a ceiling rose is

Basically, ceiling roses are the power tools that are mostly used to fix a decorative light onto the ceiling of a room. They add a new dimension to an otherwise simple ceiling and stay almost true to the tradition. You get a perfect complement to your room when you buy ceiling roses since they bring design continuity throughout your home decor. It mainly helps in diversifying wires on multiple sides in any circuit and extending the live wires as required to connect various power appliances. If you want to simplify the wiring and bypass any mishaps, you can use a single wire in the ceiling roses to extend throughout the house. In a way, it minimizes the costs and the risks of any accidents.

So how many types of ceiling roses are available in the market?

There are various types of ceiling rose in the market, be it offline or the electrical wholesale online India. From the material perspective, there are mainly two types of ceiling roses and these are lightweight and plaster. High-quality polymer materials are used for developing lightweight ceiling roses. Whereas some traditional yet contemporary heavyweight materials are used to make plaster ceiling roses. With it, your room gets an authentic period-style finish and look. However, contemporary looks show a simpler design and look that goes better with minimalist home decor. You can also use a single ceiling light rose to give your room an interesting focal point. At Lyter, you get an extensive range of premium quality decorative roses for fitting lights or fans on the ceiling. So all the electrical appliances you buy from us perfectly complement your requirements for electrical devices. All our products ensure that your home interior has consistency and it looks elegant, just like your personality.

But which type of ceiling rose should you choose for your home?

You should buy a ceiling rose that will be matching your existing home interior. If your decor is traditional, the rose you buy for your ceiling should also look traditional. And if the home has a quite contemporary look, the ceiling roses should also have a modern touch on them. If there is no such decoration in your room, you get to choose whatever you want for a ceiling rose. There is literally a blank canvas where you can design as you want. And if there’s any specific design in your home, you should pick the appliances that match the look. In other words, before buying ceiling roses or other light fittings, you should consider the architectural design of your living place. And then explore the types of ceiling rose for your home. At Lyter, we have a broad collection of power devices that matches all kinds of home decor needs.

Purchase the best quality ceiling roses from Lyter

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