4 Everyday Electrical Problems and How to Solve Them

electric problems

With more electrical appliances, comes the possibility of increased electrical problems. And these issues can be detrimental to your house and your devices, in terms of safety. The first step to thwarting these electrical problems is to know what issues can arise in the first place. So, we at Lyter - the best electrical products online manufacturer - have compiled a list of electrical issues you need to be aware of.

4 Common Electrical Problems You Should Know About

1. Electrical Problems - Power Surges

Surges are a regular occurrence, and happen when utility operators switch to the main grid, or when you power off devices such as ACs and refrigerators. And these surges can be deadly to sensitive electronic equipment, making them one of the most serious electrical problems. Thankfully, you can protect your equipment from these surges or anomalies like lightning strikes by hiring an electrician and installing a surge protector. For individual outlets, you can use plug-in suppressors. Also, it's a good practice to identify all the safe circuits in your house - those that power no large appliances - and reserve those for surge protectors. With Lyter, you can get the best power strips India, which come with built-in surge protection, enabling you to power your devices safely

2. Electrical Problems - Flickering Lights

If the lights at your home flicker frequently, it’s a sign of a poor connection. Nine times out of ten, you can trace the source by noting which lights are flickering. However, if all lights in your home have fallen victim to flickering, you might have electric problems in the waterhead or panel from where the power lines drop in your home. Fixing it is a difficult task, and is best left to an expert. In case the flickering is localized to a single room, for instance, night lamps in the bedroom, it can be due to a loose connection or a bad switch. And that you can fix yourself. Start by checking the connections at all outlets. By doing so you can trace the issue back to the light circuit.

3. Electrical Problems - Tripping Breaker

Since electricity is involved, there’s always a chance of fires and electrocution. Fortunately, to prevent such mishaps from happening, circuit breakers are installed in all homes. These circuit breakers trip when there’s an anomaly in the connection, cutting off all power supply immediately. And a tripped breaker is one of the more serious electrical problems, especially if you can’t flip it back. There’s a slim chance that the breaker has gone bad.

However, it’s best to check the entire circuit for loose connections before replacing it. It’s fairly easy to find since outlets usually go black in case there’s a loose connection. Sometimes, the trip may also occur due to a faulty appliance. If you suspect so, plug the appliance into a different outlet to test it out. Get the most reliable electrical products with Lyter today. From power strips to switches, lamps, holders, and more fulfill all your electrical needs with Lyter.

4. Worn Out Outlets and Lights

Like all electrical accessories, outlets also wear out and go dead after a while. The primary indicators are discoloration, and their inability to hold a plug. There’s only one solution - to replace them.

In Summary

So, these are some of the common electrical problems you can run into at your home. But by being vigilant and investing in the right equipment, you can curb most of these. And for the right equipment, always go with the best electrical brand.