Everything You Need to Know About Lamp Holders


When fixing lights, bulbs, or lamps in your home, many homeowners don’t consider the aspects such as beautification or eye protection. Yes, incorrectly installed lights can be hard on your eyes and highlight your home in all the wrong ways. Lamp holders, therefore, are crucial to help you make the most of your lighting configuration. Don’t know much about these holders? Well, Lyter - one of the leading electrical accessories manufacturers in India - brings you an in-depth article to help you understand light holders, their purpose, and their many benefits.

What Are Lamp Holders?

A lamp holder is an electrical accessory that acts as a housing for your light and bulbs. But apart from just accommodating your lights, it also acts as a synapse between your wiring and bulbs. Be it incandescent, fluorescent, or compact fluorescent bulbs, these holders are compatible with any and all types of lighting.

Why Do You Need Lamp Holders In Your Home?

A bare lightbulb, with no shades or lamp holders, throws unfiltered light in all directions. Direct exposure to this bare light can be damaging to your eyes. Though bare bulbs are used in some situations, it’s best to soften the throw of its light, or at least direct it in a way it seems appealing and not crude. As you may have already guessed, a lamp holder can help you achieve this effect. With the correct placement, you can turn the blaring light from a bulb into something soothing and refreshing, and bring into focus the best parts of your home.

Types of Lamp Holders

Light holders come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Batten Holders: A batten holder is a type of light fitting, which is hard-wired to the wiring system of your home or commercial space. Rather than using a fabric cable to connect the holder to the ceiling, a batten holder can be connected with an electrical cord.
  • Wedge-base Holders: These are generally used for low-wattage light bulbs having a smaller form factor, such as bulbs in string lights. The sockets of these lamp holders enable contact between the lamp holder terminals and the exposed wires of the bulb base. This configuration makes replacing bulbs pretty quick and easy. Plus, these lamp holders are compatible with many mounting options, such as PCB tabs, snap-ins, twist-ins, and brackets, making them an all-around choice for holders.
  • Bayonet-Base Holders: Today, bayonet-base bulbs are extensively used in the automotive industry due to their ease of installation, ease of replacement, and robustness. These bulbs, also known as twist and lock bulbs, have two pins that allow for the lights to click into place reliably. And Bayonet-base holders are ideal for these kinds of lighting arrangements.
  • Angle Holders: When you want your lights to point in any given direction, angle light holders are the way to go. These allow your lights to be attached directly to the ceiling or wall and allow your bulbs to be connected directly to the wiring framework.

Your Turn

So, if you want to have illumination in your home that’s both easy on the eyes and soothing to the nerves, it’s best to have an arrangement of lamp holders. But it’s important that you get premium quality holders to ensure long-lasting durability and reliability. To that end, Lyter’s range of top-of-the-line holders can provide the ergonomics and looks you’re looking for. Check out our range of sophisticated batten and angle light holders today, and bring your home’s ambiance to a new level. To get a better idea of our offerings, get in touch with us today!